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Default God Bless America

Has anyone heard about the awesome new film coming out on DVD soon, God Bless America? It's probably the greatest vigilante film I've ever seen and tells the story of a middle aged guy called Frank who decides to destory all of life's annoyances with a trusty shotgun. From 'talent' shows to people who talk in cinemas. It's very funny, very gruesome and is really well made. I highly recommend checking it out when it's out!

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I'm starting to get the impression you're a spammer.
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Poor, Daniel. So suspicious.
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I really disliked this movie. The premise alone is flawed enough (going on a killing rampage is the best way to stop the spread of unkindness and stupidity?), but it's even worse that all throughout the film the two main characters (mainly Joel Murray's) bring the entire film to a halt to give some ridiculous speech or rant about pointless things. They take it upon themselves to complain about everything from American Idol to Juno, and none of them give anything to the satire or contribute anything to the plot.

And just on a deeper level, Goldthwait is acting like there's never been stupidity or unkindness in the world. I don't think we as a society have gotten any more stupid than we've ever been, it's just easier to advertise and exploit these days.

It saddens me to say this because I like Bobcat Goldthwait and his films, but this one was a serious misfire.
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I enjoyed this quite a bit. Some if his rants are exactly what I think! Now I'm not going too go out and shot a load of people but the idea of a little explosive going off in the telephone too mark everyone who phones in too vote on X-Factor is ****ing genius!

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Eh, this was ok.


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This the movie directed by Bobcat guy?
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Yes, it's on Netflix Instant right now. Doesn't look too promising to be honest though.
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