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I agree. I was noticing the same thing last night when this was posted. The two review lines are basically the only thing that give you some kind of idea what you're actually looking at, I suppose, but the posters themselves are all a bit on the boring (or worse, unappealing) side. Heck, our own Rox could probably have made better ones.

I did pick the first one, because it looked the most professional of the group, with the smudged painting, name and the way the reviews appear. It's layout, text and titles look the best.

I will say, though, that the second one is the only one I found to be a bit clever, with the top half of the boy's head cut off in the picture. It's the only one that I think is actually giving off a kind of eerie feel. I didn't pick it though, because the "painting" looks like a digital picture, so it looks oddly out of place in the poster. And, of course, the plain and boring layout of the titles, reviews and text.
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